In order to increase the export, work efficiency, optimize the processes of production and services, link all internal and external processes of the company into one unit UAB Rubineta successfully implemented project Development of an innovative, integral, complex e-business solution for the needs of UAB Rubineta (application code VP2-2.1-ŪM-02-K-01-062). Intensity of financing was 50 per cent from EU European Regional Development Fund Special Economic Growth and Promoting Competition Program (EU funds) and 50 per cent was financed by own funds of the company. The total value of the project is 445 300 litas (eligible and ineligible project expenses without VAT).
The aim of the project wasto optimize the process of production and services by creating an innovative, integrated, complex e-business solution adapted to the needs of the company, which would integrate all internal and external processes of the company into one unit. Upon achieving these aims, such effective investment will contribute to the economy at the national and international level as:

by the end of 2013 the work efficiency of the company will increase by 30 per cent;
by the end of 2013 export will increase by 40 per cent;
by the end of 2013 the turnover will increase by 15 per cent.

The project was implemented within the planned timetable (9 months) and scope. The project was implemented in a consistent, complex manner, taking into account the current reality, needs of the company and the market.